The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013, Martin Scorsese)

For a movie, three hours is twice the length of the average feature film. However, there are several reasons why we should sit down and watch the 180 minute spectacular that is The Wolf of Wall Street. Apart from the obvious; Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll, this movie goes into themes so much more sinful. These include the unlawful and greedy aspect of Stock brokers within the USA and Europe, along with the power that money can provide us.

Within the film these powers are given to our super hero; Jordan Belfort, (Leonardo DiCaprio) who in fact happens to be a real person and therefore makes this narrative so more addictive. Jordan Belfort is not just your average billionaire but the owner of a stock exchange company, who happens to do many illegal things to gain both the money, drugs and gorgeous wife he needs. This has caused both the FBI to be after him as well as the audience.  But despite his outrageous life and awe inspiring personality the audience cannot help but love him and desperately crave his lifestyle.

Therefore, If you want the life style of a successful business man and wish to  gain some knowledge on the stock market because to be fair ,if you are interested  in business studies, then this film will have some lessons on how to sell stocks, pens and Drugs (but I would not recommend selling the last one ). Then this action pact feature is highly recommended.

The film opens with his description of what he gains throughout the feature. These include; money, cars, drugs, sex, boats and his very own company. This caused me straight away to think what a life and I knew from then on I was hooked into the narrative like a fish on a line and was not going anywhere until the end credits rolled.

The plot then starts roughly from the beginning of “Wolfe’s” career and we follow on from there to how he starts up his company to his downfall near the end of the film, SPOILERS!

the wolf of wall street

I promise you now even though this film is reaching the 3 hour mark you will not regret your decision. If these reasons aren’t good enough then just take the incredible acting skills of DiCaprio and Hill into consideration.  How has this man not won an Oscar yet!!!

I only wish to give a brief summary, as I will not be able to give the film much justice and don’t want to spoil too much for you.

Get watching because How have you not seen this yet ?


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