Ouija (2014 , Stiles White)

How many horror films have you seen, in your entire life, think about it , I mean really think . Now think about all the times someone has walked into a dark room without even trying to turn on the lights or walked into the attic because they heard a noise. These are what we call “Cliché’s” and Ouija is the film to watch to witness every Cliché in horror movie history.

To prove it to you, there is even a scene where a character hears a noise in the attic so goes to investigate with just a flash light that flickers off. The character then sees something and falls over. How many times must this happen for directors to stop using this technique to scare audiences? HOW MANY TIMES? Now granted there are some original jump scares and a few plot twists but what horror film doesn’t. All I ask is for a horror film that has a truly original plot, one that could put The Shining ( 1980 ,Stanley Kubrick) or The sixth sense (1999,M. Night Shyamalan) in their places.

From the beginning to end we can tell who is going to die, how they will die and in what order, where is the surprise, in a film that has continuous foreshadowing. Now I understand I am being a bit harsh on this movie as there is some rather good acting by an all attractive cast. BUT to summarise it is average.


However, this should not put you off because of one bad review. This is a film you should watch just because it is one of the latest horror films and if you love the genre as much as me, you need to have seen them all! On the other hand, wait to see it at a friend’s house or on the TV because in my opinion it is not worth the money.

So you could ask yourself “How have I not seen this?” 


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