Top Anticipated Movie Releases for October 2018

It’s time to get your Halloween decks out and put on your scariest costume because it’s officially October, the greatest month of the year…sorry Christmas. All the creepiest films are on TV and it’s finally acceptable to binge eat fun sized sweets and listen to the Monster Mash without being judged too hard. So TV should be sorted. Now you may ask, what about the films? Well, only one of my films on this list is a horror and by horror, I mean mild scares as it’s a kids movie. I could put the new ‘Halloween’ (David Gordon Green ) but I’m just not excited to see ANOTHER INSTALMENT OF THIS FRANCHISE.  With that in mind, here are my top 3 anticipated movie releases for October.


3) Venom (Ruben Fleischer) Out 5th October UK.

venom 2

The all-new Marvel antihero film featuring Venom is Sony’s first movie in the Marvel Universe and with that brings a bit of worry from fans. How the film will match the quality of products delivered from Marvel Studios over the past 10 years? However, the first meeting of Venom within Spiderman 3 (Sam Raimi,2007) set the bar pretty low.  Therefore, with a character redesign, Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock and his own movie here’s hoping that Venom will get the attention he deserves within the Marvel Universe. As a hardcore Marvel fan, this is going to be a film that I will be watching the day of release.

without a doubt I  expect this movie to meet the needs of the fans by creating a character who we will love, even if he isn’t necessarily a traditional hero. I want a great backstory to be explored, dark themes and of course some great fight scenes. Fingers crossed, the film won’t be another Spider-Man 3, even though I highly doubt it could be.



2) Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween ( Ari Sandel) Out 19th October UK.


I know that I put Goosebumps 2 above Venom but any film that will give me a nostalgia trip is sure to make it on my list and nothing screams (literally) childhood to me more than the Goosebumps TV show. The monsters are always quirky and the plot twist is always something stupid that any 90’s kid will be sure to appreciate. Now the torch has been passed to the new generation of children who can experience the horror of Slappy the dummy and The Abominable Snowman from Pasadena. However, this is still a film that we adults can enjoy, even if it is just a cheesy family-friendly horror. I will be booking my tickets the day it’s out to make sure I get to relive my childhood ASAP. I may be in my twenties but I will be damned if I miss some evil sentient gummy bears attempting to kill a group of small children.

1) Bad Times at the El Royale ( Drew Goddard) Out 12th October UK.

bad times

This brand new American thriller is a film that recently came to my attention because of its brilliant cast and director ( Drew Goddard, known for directing Cabin in The Woods).  This original film featuring 7 strangers who end up in a novelty hotel reminded me of ‘Identity’ (James Mangold, 2003). However, after the release of the trailer, it’s clear that this is going to be one wild movie with enough plot twists to keep you on the edge of your seat. The Bad Times at the El Royale has one of the most unique plots I have seen in a while… well since 2003, something I would expect from the genre and the director.  All the characters seem complicated and well designed, the sets and colour scheme looks incredible and the tone seems twisted and nerve wrecking.  I look forward to finding out more about the film and what ‘Bad Times’ go down within the rooms of the El Royale Hotel.


What films are you looking forward to this October, let me know in the comments. Also, If you have any films you want me to review, leave a comment!


Top anticipated releases of September.

The Nun (Corin Hardy, 2018) : Out 7th September, UK

Another horror film from the Conjuring universe will be out this September. If the first film is successful why not make a sequel, a spin off with a prequel and another spin off. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it. So now we have ‘The Nun’ a supernatural horror about a demon who takes the form of well… a nun, an entity introduced in the second conjuring film.  As a film set within this horror universe, you can tell that this is going to be scary and worth the time of audiences who consider themselves fans of the horror genre. I mean the trailer alone was banned from being so scary so it’s nice to be given a film with a little potential. The character design of the num alone is enough to make your skin crawl. As someone who has always enjoyed the past films and would watch most horror films, this is defiantly a film I will be considering.

The House with the Clock In its Walls (Eli Roth, 2018) : Out 21st September

Cate Blanchett in this movie is enough for me to watch this film.

When I first saw the opening of the trailer I thought it was the second Goosebumps and was instantly invested in this movie straight away. I mean it has the same aesthetic and Jack Black, two elements to the movie of my childhood. Both unfortunately and fortunately it was a brand new movie with warlocks, monsters…. and Cate Blanchett. The House with the Clock In its Walls looks like a perfectly charming family friendly movie that could either be brilliant or terrible. A family film made by a director famous for his torture porn horror, this could be interesting. Never the less, the film seems beautifully designed with brilliant colours and fantastic characters, all perfect for a younger audience. However, you need more than just a few purples and oranges to make a good family friendly movie. Hopefully they haven’t put all the best parts in the trailer. Only time will tell.


Hillywood Supernatural Parody 2

The Hillywood show, also known as one of my favourite YouTube Channels,have released a second Supernatural parody and it is the best thing ever! Anyone who loves the CW show should definitely give it a watch. It’s hilarious, well made, musical, full of great references and even has the most of the Supernatural cast.

Check it out!

Anticipated releases of August 2018

Another month, another top anticipated release list Yes this is a little late… well a lot late but I have been tied up at work (not literally). Luckily, August has a few movies out this month to keep a few of us movie fans pleased. Unfortunately, as it is not exactly Oscar season, don’t expect some brilliant masterpieces. Instead, prepare for a few horror films and a comedy. The two least serious genres in the industry. Now I know that I haven’t mentioned the usual Marvel movie, thanks to the release of Ant Man and the Wasp this month but I mentioned this in last month’s list due to the films early release in other countries. Now that’s settled, let’s get into it, shall we?

The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018: Susanna Fogal) out 22nd in the UK

I never usually include comedy films within my lists as they are such a difficult genre to appreciate, there are far too many, Hollywood seems to be releasing a few every single month. Plus, they are hardly done well, with mediocre attempts at funny dialogue and no thought into filming techniques.  However, The Spy Who Dumped Me is definitely more of a chick flick/ spy parody movie, rather than your usual singe genre comedy or rom-com. When Audrey’s (Mila Kunis) ex-boyfriend shows up at her and Morgan’s (Kate McKinnon) apartment, he is followed by a team of assassins. The girls find themselves running through Europe in an attempt to find safety. The pairing of these two beautiful ladies, you can tell that this is going to be a brilliantly funny girl power movie. A CHICK FLICK WITH ACTION! Unfortunately, the comedy genre does have a tendency of letting us down by producing underwhelming movies that we probably wouldn’t really watch again. Let’s just hope that The Spy Who Dumped Me sticks to its guns and pulls out a great Spy parody.

The Meg (2018, Jon Turteltaub) out 10th August in the UK

As I said earlier, the films on this list are far from being Oscar winners and clearly ‘The Meg’ is no exception. It’s a science fiction horror about a bloody big shark. This film was described to me as a B movie with an A movie budget and judging by everything I have seen so far, that is 100% accurate. As someone who actually has a huge fear of sharks, I think I may have found a horror film that might finally scare me, it just so happens to be this pile of rubbish. Now, I may seem like a snobby film reviewer but I have a place in my heart for these kind of crap fests so you can bet that I will be down at the cinema wasting my money on The Meg this month. It’s cheap thrills and something to watch that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Christopher Robin (2018, Marc Forster) Out 17th August in the UK

 There was no way that I could have left childhood the movie out of this list. I mean The Tigger movie was the first film I ever saw at the cinema! This special film will definitely be a must watch for every person alive, as we follow the most famous children’s characters ever. Everything about the film seems cutely charming and everything you could possibly want in a family movie. I mean it’s a live action Winnie the Pooh, need I say more?

Ruined Childhood- What shows/ films scared me as a kid.

One of the trends I have spotted online is something called ‘ruined Childhood’. This little segment is all about shows or films you watched as a child that traumatised you and may even frighten you way into your adulthood. These could have been shows aimed at children or a film you ‘accidentally’ watched and really wish you didn’t.  We all have at least one TV show that freaked you out to the point where you had to sleep in your parent’s bed for a few nights. Here are some of the shows/ films that ruined my childhood.

Feel free to share your ‘ruined childhood’ shows or films in the comments below.

Harry Potter and the chamber of Secrets:

As a massive fan of the Harry Potter franchise, it is hard to believe that for a time, I was terrified of watching the second film alone. After going to the cinema at the young age 6, I sat through the first half of the movie without any problems; this includes the giant spiders, which is very surprising to me, considering I can’t stand anything with 8 legs. It wasn’t until that giant snake with glowing yellow eyes slithered out of the mouth of that statute in which I couldn’t even look at the screen. Much like the victims of the basilisk, I was petrified. A mixture of the eyes and teeth were enough to stop me from sleeping for a few nights. I even learnt to keep my eyes shut for long period of time whilst walking around the house in fear of seeing the giant snake. However, as I got older and grew into my fan girl self Harry Potter has become a part of my culture. It is hard to believe that I was once frightened of anything in the beloved Wizarding World.


Twilight Zone: Nightmare at 20,000 feet:

A reoccurring theme you are going to notice throughout this post is that anything with creepy eyes freaked me out as a child and now even more so as an adult. As a kid, I was allowed to watch a lot of horror films, I saw Halloween at aged 8, Shaun of the Dead at 7 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer at 1. It is safe to say that my mum and dad didn’t really care what my brother and myself watched. One show that was sometimes on in my house was the Twilight Zone. None of the episodes particularly bothered me and I was often too young to understand what was happening. However, one night whilst watching TV with my mum, Nightmare at 20,000 feet was on. This terrifying episode features Bob Wilson sat next to the window in a flight. When he notices a mysterious creature walking along the wing of the plane. However, he seems to be the only person able to see the mysterious stow away. I can tell you now, that as soon as I saw the face of the monster pressed against the window on the outside of a plane that I vowed never to go in the air. A mixture of the dead eyes and unnatural face of that truly horrific monster still sends a shiver down my spine to this day. No wonder I am still frightened of flying…

nightmare at 20000

Doctor Who: Blink

Do I really need to say anymore about this one? As a massive lover of Doctor Who, with 2 whovian tattoos and counting, a fan favourite of mine is David Tennant’s Blink. Even though the Doctor himself isn’t in the episode much, it is definitely one of the most memorable episodes in the series. A monster that can only get u when you aren’t looking! Don’t look away and Don’t Blink, Good luck. Everything about them is unnerving. The sheer horror when we first saw those pointed teeth was enough to stop me from sleeping for a few nights. Even now they give me the creeps. Despite these unique monsters often appearing in more recent episodes of Doctor Who, they will never be more frightening than they were in their introductory episode. They are the perfect predator that can hide in plain sight, taking the form of possibly any statue. What is not scary about that?



Like I said before, when I was growing up, my mum had no problem letting my brother and I watch anything scary. This was not usually by our choice. My mum would simply put on any of her shows whilst my little brother and I were happily playing in the living room. One show in particular was Medium. This featured a woman who could see ghosts. She would use this ability to help solve murders. Sounds simple enough. However, these murders were often graphic and horrifying. Watching people getting stabbed, burnt and blasted with shot guns probably isn’t the best activity for primary school children to be watching.  One episode in particular was based on the murder of a family being shown in cartoon form. Now you can bet that little me began to pay attention when I saw my mum watching cartoons. Little did I know this would soon turn into cartoon monkeys being gunned down in their living room. They don’t show that in Scooby Doo. This episode scared me so much that I decided to tell many of my school friends. Let’s just say my teacher wasn’t too impressed with the detailed description of monkey brains being splattered and babies killed in their crib. You can guarantee that the school  was not happy with my mum’s parenting style.

Check out the Monkey Cartoon here (It may not be scary now but to 7 year old it defiantly was):


Now as this is a kids show aimed at very young children it is hard to believe that this made it on the list. Well anyone born in the late 90’s and loved to watch the Teletubbies on a Saturday morning might recall a little episode called ‘ The Lion and The Bear’. This featured a 2D lion and Bear rolled in on what can be seen as a giant skateboard and teasing/ chasing each other. Again, doesn’t sound too scary. However, this short segment gave thousands of children across the country nightmares. It was so scary that the episode stopped broadcasting. The mixture of horror music, dark lighting and character design gave these beloved animals their terrifying persona. You can now only see the original episode on YouTube and if you read the comments, people are still scared of the demonic Lion and Bear. It is safe to say that not only am I still terrified of these characters (I still occasionally see them in my nightmares), but they sparked my fear of anything with creepy eyes. Thanks Teletubbies


My Top Anticipated Releases For July 2018

(Sorry I missed June, I had work commitments)

My Top Anticipated Releases For July 2018

It’s summer time! Get the sun cream out, put on the shades and head down to the cinema because we have some brilliant films lined up this July. Ranging from Musicals, action films , animation and Marvel. Trust Marvel to have ANOTHER MOVIE OUT. So without further ado, here are my top anticipated movie releases for July 2018.

4) Hotel Artemis (Drew Pierce, 2018) Out 20th July in the UK


A secret underground hospital for criminals. Sound badass enough. But wait there’s more. when one of the patients at this infamous hospital/ hotel steals something extremely valuable from a very powerful man, Aka Jeff Goldblum, all hell breaks loose. Good job the staff take the care of their patients very seriously. ‘Visiting hours are never’. The film does look like another action packed futuristic movie with an interesting spin and A GREAT CAST but I love a good fight scene/ heist movie so I am dead excited to see this out in a few weeks.

3) Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (OI Parker, 2018) Out 20t July in the UK.


It seems that the 20th July is a good day for cinema goers with another movie released.  A not so guilty pleasure of mine is musicals and no group produces absolute bangers quite like ABBA, combine the two and you are given Mamma Mia! With the first movie making 615 Million, I am not surprised that a second one will be hitting our screens this summer. When Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) sits her 3 fathers down and asks about their past, we are given a musical version of ‘How I met Your Mother’. It may sound dull but I cannot wait for this all singing all dancing spectacular to be on the big screen, for me to yell ABBA lyrics at anyone unfortunate enough to be in the room.

2) Incredibles 2 (Brad Bird, 2018) Out 13th July in the UK.


Did you really think I would leave this off the list? After 14 years of waiting it’s finally here. The sequel to one of the best animated movies of all time! Leave your children at home. This one is for us adults who have spent far too long wondering how they beat the underminer and how Violets date went. This time Elastagirl (Holly Hunter) gets to save the day while Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) stays at home and looks after the kids. This Friday 13th won’t be unlucky! It’s time to get on your super suit and relive your childhood.

1) Ant-Man And The Wasp (Peyton Reed, 2018) Out 5th July for Russia and later for the UK…. Well  August.

ant man

Any time of the year my number one choice for Anticipated Release of the Month will be whatever Marvel movie is out.  I have a weakness OK! We are getting a second round of the surprisingly great Ant-Man. This time its better with two, as Ant-Man teams up with the Wasp to take down Marvels second female MCU Villain. After Hela from Thor Ragnarok (Taika Waititi,2017) I have total faith in her character. In additional, it will be interesting to see how the film fits in with Infinity War (Russo Brothers, 2018). Hopefully this one won’t make me cry as much.

Have any movie you are looking forward to this month?

Hereditary (Ari Aster, 2018)

Another horror movie labelled ‘The scariest film of the year’ is… Hereditary. This is a phrase overused within the industry and is basically a ploy to trick movie goers into watching their crappy mediocre fear fest. If they want to use this description, they got to know how to deliver. So is Hereditary the scariest film of the year? Let’s get into it.

hereditary poster

Plot: After the death of a beloved daughter, what is a mother to do but grieve. In the process she uncovers the secret of her family and their involvement with the supernal.


I am just going to start by saying NO, this film is far from being the ‘scariest film of the year’. Ok, review over, goodbye… Okay it isn’t scary but this doesn’t mean that the film was bad. Hereditary seems to be having an identity crisis, labelling itself as a horror when it is clearly a dark family drama with elements of the supernatural chucked in at the end. It was more intense than actually scary. The film follows the themes of loss, family relationships and mental health, all themes explored in a good drama.

hereditary shot

Even though the film can’t really deliver us much of a scare, Hereditary is an impressive watch. The entire film is incredibly well shot, with interesting scene transitions and use of screen space. I always love an extreme wide shot in horror! However, one particular technique that stood out was the use of the dollhouse to create space and optical illusions in terms of object size. You would be looking at a dolls version of a room and suddenly be transported into the real version. This factor was clever and engaging but I can’t help think that they could have used the doll houses for horror, not just matching scene transitions.  It is clear that there was a lot of thought and effort into how it was filmed, rather than just the narrative, red hearings and jump scares. These filming methods are used to produce a spectacle for movie geeks, rather than to create horror.

hereditary doll house

The way Hereditary is filmed is great but you need the subjects on screen be greater, AKA. a fantastic narrative and character development. This is not usually as dominant in horrors but in a dark family drama with elements of the supernatural, you need an engaging storyline. The plot itself starts strong in terms of action and events. However, the middle segment of the film seems to drag out for far too long, focusing largely on character development. This shows the strong elements of drama reinforced through the incredible acting. After an hour or so the film tries to jump back into the horror side of things. This is fairly sudden and for me was  unsuccessful and confusing. Again, I believe the film works well as a drama but not so much a horror.

heditary horror

As I said earlier, the acting is incredible and goes past the usual teen supernatural. Through exploring themes of loss and family, the cast are given the opportunity to portray these difficult scenarios and are provided the space to shine. The mother/ Anie Graham in particular played by Toni Collette, was fantastic. She was believable in her grief, something rarely seen in horror actors. There were some who seemed to be partially out of the depth, such as Peter Graham (Alex Wolff). Alex was brilliant at acting scared but his crying seemed forced. But he could still do a better job than I could so who am I to judge?


If you have read my reviews in the past, it is obvious that I LOVE a good sound score. The music needs to enhance the action and tone of the film whilst being good enough to listen to on its own. Unless it’s a slasher soundtrack with far too many violins at once. The music in Hereditary was weird and fit with the way the film was heading. There was a lot of heavy base, used to recreate the human heartbeat and the pace was often erratic. It was unique and slightly weird, again like the film. However, some people I watched it with and even a few movie reviewers were put off by the sound score.

Overall, as a drama the film was great. The narrative and character development was strong, backed up by brilliant acting, interesting use of music and fantastic filming techniques. However, as a horror the film was unsuccessful, confusing and took itself too seriously. So to sum up Hereditary is not the ‘scariest film of the year’ but it is a good watch.

Have anything you would like me to review? Leave a film or show in the comments!